‘Jersey Shore’ Callout on FitnessRX Radio

Angelina Challenges Snooki, JWoww & Deena To Celebrity Boxing Match

‘Jersey Shore’ Callout on FitnessRX Radio

You never know what may come out of an episode of FitnessRX Radio, especially when you have a cast member of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” on as a guest. On Monday, October 21, co-hosts Gregg Valentino and Joe Pietaro bobbed and weaved through a multitude of celebrity boxing challenges by Angelina Pivarnick to her former cast mates.

“I would love to fight Snooki in the ring,” Pivarnick said. “Bring it on.”


She continued, “She should remember where she came from. If it weren’t for me, she would have walked off that show. If it’s not her, have me and JWoww fight each other. You know what would be a hysterical fight? A fight between me and my replacement Deena. All of the above baby; bring it on.”

Pivarnick, 27, was part of the original ensemble in 2009 of the popular reality series. She and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi had their share of differences, which included a knockdown, drag-out fist fight. Pivarnick was off the show by Season 3 (with a few cameos in Seasons 5 and 6), ultimately being replaced by Deena Nicole Cortese.

In 2012, Pivarnick and Jennifer “JWoww” Farley had a war of words via Twitter.

“Snooki’s such a big celebrity that she’ll decline the fight,” concluded Pivarnick,” because she’s scared of me.”

Along with Pivarnick on the air was Adam “Speedbag Scissorhands” Salomon, who trained Pivarnick in 2010 when she was scheduled to fight Kerry Schwartz in a celebrity boxing match at the Taj Majal hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Pivarnick and Salomon both announced that he would once again train her if any or all of the challenges are met.

Earlier in the show, IFBB MPD pro Alex Carneiro was on and spoke about his experience placing in the top-10 at the recent Physique Showdown at Olympia Weekend.

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